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Some problems in the use of infrared forehead thermometers

Date:2020-04-10 17:17:22
Infrared forehead thermometer is a new type of high-tech product, which is completely different from traditional mercury thermometers in terms of usage, measurement, and numerical display. Including its mode adjustment in different environments, the temperature value of different reference objects will also be different. Many people have a deviation in the final displayed value due to incorrect use, environmental factors and other reasons. At this time, they complained that the price of the infrared forehead thermometer did not match the actual value, and so on.

    Regarding some problems and deviations in the use of infrared forehead thermometers and some issues that need attention, we are here to chat with you.
    During the use process, some friends will say that the measurement result has a deviation value. In fact, the forehead thermometer is affected by external factors. It is recommended that you perform the measurement at normal room temperature.
    If it is in an air-conditioned room, the temperature of its own environment is 26 degrees, so the human body stays in the air-conditioned room for a long time, and the measuring object surface will be greatly affected. At the same time, pay attention to avoid measuring in an environment where the temperature is higher than the daily temperature or lower than the daily temperature.
    Secondly, there will be a deviation value of 0.2 during the use of the product, and the deviation value of 0.2 is mostly acceptable to consumers.
    Compared with traditional thermometers, it’s impossible for babies to take traditional thermometers obediently. They will have a sense of fear when they see these glass thermometers. If they are asked to measure their body temperature for at least ten minutes, the babies will always If you move around, the measured temperature deviation will be more inaccurate.
    It is recommended that friends try to keep the measured distance between 1 and 3 cm during the measurement process, too close or too far distance will affect the value of the measurement result.
    After measuring this, there will be some reference values. Consumers can consider the values ??based on the reference values, or they can take measurements at regular intervals, take several measurements, and then judge changes in body temperature.
    The price of infrared forehead thermometers is very affordable for people. The products are also certified by the Provincial Food and Drug Administration, so consumers can use them with confidence.

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