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Salary and benefits

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◆ Salary

    The company provides employees with competitive remuneration packages in the industry. The remuneration system is based on salary and bonuses, guaranteed by insurance, and supplemented by benefits and allowances. Through internal incentives and evaluation mechanisms, outstanding employees can get more Recognition and motivation.

◆ Welfare

    Social insurance: all employees can enjoy the social insurance and provident fund stipulated by the state after joining the company;

    Paid leave: In addition to legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave and other statutory holidays stipulated by law, employees who have worked for more than one year can enjoy 5-14 days of paid annual leave according to their working years.

    Free physical examination: employees who have been employed for one year can enjoy a free full physical examination provided by the company once a year;

    Holiday benefits: The company will provide you with holiday condolences or gifts on traditional festivals;

    Activity funds: Departments have monthly activity funds to enhance team cohesion between departments;

    Recreational activities: The company regularly organizes various activities such as badminton, basketball, football, outdoor development, etc.;

    Salary adjustment policy: The company regularly has a good training and promotion mechanism, and arranges 1-2 salary adjustment opportunities for regular employees every year. Employees with outstanding performance will enjoy more promotion and salary adjustment opportunities;

◆ Working hours

    Work 7.5 hours a day, single and double break system.

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