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Core values-quality, team, execution


Quality is the foundation of our foothold, there can be no quality risky thoughts and behaviors.
Quality comes from continuous technological and management innovation.
High quality is not a high price, and continuous cost reduction is a compulsory course.


Trust, communication and collaboration are essential. Don’t use your position in the team to measure your value, but reflect your value through collaboration.

Don't be stingy in cultivating talents. Only a group of elites can make our career fly. A strong team will also create the most valuable employees.

Don't try to complain and blame our colleagues with bitter or dogmatic criticism, but empathize with yourself.


Goals are clear and work hard to achieve. Don't let busy tasks take up our time to set goals, and don't let insignificant things affect the execution of priority tasks.

Attitude determines everything. Execution depends firstly on attitude, and secondly on ability. Attitude depends on the activity of your mind. As long as the mind is touched, difficulty is motivation.

Execution must start with executives. We advocate execution without excuses.


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